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Why I Ditched the Dish

Goodbye DISH and cable television, hello streaming tv. This winter I decided to review and revise how I choose to receive television services and after a brief kick of the tires I concluded that an Amazon FireTV Stick with a Prime account is a solid option. You get many choices when you purchase the FireTV Stick and one of the best values is SlingTV. Sling is not by any means a perfect product. I would call it a work in progress, but when you consider what you get for the money compared to premium satellite and cable services it is hard to justify the extra cost.

You can purchase the Sling Orange and Blue packages with premium sports options for around $60.00 per month which for me was a far cry from the nearly $170 I was paying Dish Network. There is one caveat here and that is you will still need a decent Internet service to deliver the back end bandwidth required for streaming but other than that the switch has been a breeze.

You should also consider adding an inexpensive over-the-air antenna to your streaming system. This will allow you to receive your local stations which in many markets include bonus digital channels with unique content.

The picture quality is superior to what you are accustomed to. There can be some choppiness when starting a program, but overall things have gone smoothly. When support issues have risen up Sling support via email or by phone has handled these issues swiftly. Like any cutting edge tech effort, when you get close to the cutting edge you sometimes suffer a few cuts. As an overall value and user experience I would have to give SlingTV on the Amazon FireTV Stick a full thumbs up.